Heal My Heart with ART

Building Next Generation Dreamers of Medicine
by Incorporating Art into Healing Where Art Meets the Heart

Welcome to the Heal My Heart with Art!

The mission of Heal My Heart with Art is to promote the development of art therapy programs at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center that will aid Advanced Heart Failure Patients in the healing process of their body and mind. Empowering patients to express themselves has a potential to be a powerfully positive force in healing.

We would like to invite you to join our project called “Heal My HeART.” This project aims to improve patients’ recoveries and motivate them to heal using the power of art. The inspiration of our project is from heart transplant recipients who used art as a way of healing. “Art brought the calm back to my sea when there was a storm,” as said by a former patient. “Heal My HeART” was born from collaboration between Marymount High School students, UCLA undergraduate students, Physician-Scientists in the Advanced Heart Failure Research Laboratory, as well as the Relational Medicine Foundation (www.relationalmedicinefoundation.org).

The biomedical approach is not enough to fully heal patients because a patient’s motivation is also, or even more, important in order to heal. Our mission is to improve healing by incorporating art into daily clinical care. We will provide art therapy to patients suffering from Advanced Heart Failure, giving them the opportunity to share their stories and emotions that are too difficult to express verbally. Sharing this experience can optimize the recovery of patients who are currently going through similar struggles.

We will start this project at UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital. Through this project, we will fundraise to create access to an in-patient art program for our patients, to fund Advanced Heart Failure research aimed to improve the encounter communication between patients and healthcare professionals as well as improve the diagnosis of illnesses, to educate communities about Heart Disease, Heart Failure, and Heart Transplantation, and to ultimately promote a more empathetic relationship between patients and health care providers.

UCLA’s Health System has become distinctive because of the ability to engage the human connection and to build patient experience and relationship-based care. This approach affirms our project - “Heal My HeART” to be successful.

We would be delighted if you would attend this meeting on October 4, 2013 at 3 pm at UCLA Center of Health Sciences (CHS) room 57-134, share your expertise and ideas, and join in the efforts to improve patient care by participating in this project.

Charlotte Starling

Marymount High School

Victoria Groysberg

UCLA College of Letters and Sciences

UCLA Advanced Heart Failure Research Laboratory

Mario Deng M.D. (Professor and Director)

Galyna Bondar Ph.D.

Martin Cadeiras M.D.

Nick Wisniewski Ph.D.

Michelle Jacobson

Director of Development of Medical Sciences at UCLA